Sydney nurse accused of faking cancer relapse to claim almost $30,000 in sick pay and benefits

Fiona Morris a nurse at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, a not for profit cancer treatment centre in Sydney is facing three counts of dishonestly gain a financial advantage by deception in court after being charged with a series of fraud cases.

The 35-year-old previously beat osteosarcoma, a bone cancer in 2012 and has been accused of faking a relapse three years ago taking extended leave from work and claiming $27,000 in sick pay and other benefits. The charity also having to bear the cost of hiring another nurse to replace her whilst on sick leave.

Work colleagues became increasingly suspicious of her illness and reported her to her bosses, she was sacked in June. Many cancer patients rely on the charity to survive and the funds are there to go towards caring for cancer patients. Read more on the case…

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