MEET HEATHER – CanCare Volunteer

Heather is one of the first volunteers recruited to be a CanCare Navigator. Whilst being a bit daunted at first, she quickly came to enjoy the role, and especially how often the little things she did really made such a difference.

Everyone’s cancer experience is unique and Heather enjoys helping people who do not have a lot of support. As well as providing practical support, she is a shoulder to laugh or cry on and a comforting presence when the future is unknown.

“As a CanCare volunteer you really appreciate what you’ve got. I’m able to give back, but it’s also strengthened my own family relationships. Simply being able to cuddle my granddaughters after a hard day, is totally life-affirming.”



Heather says that while it is sometimes challenging, the positive aspects far outweigh the difficult ones. “For half an hour, I can take people away from what they’re dealing with. They can tell me anything, their worries or fears, or laugh and be happy.”

Heather enjoys helping people and knows how life-affirming it is to be a CanCare volunteer.

We can’t all volunteer, but we can help in other ways. Your gift will make a real difference to those in need.

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